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The Ultimate Rock Concert

Visitors of all ages can live out their drumming dreams at Ringing Rocks Park.

Hearing is believing in the field of boulders known as Ringing Rocks Park, located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania (about an hour north of Philadelphia).

Take along a hammer and listen to the stones chime when the hammer strikes their surface. Through the years, the rocks have hosted many "rock concerts," including a jam session in 1890 featuring a brass band.

Only one other site in the U.S. is known to have rocks that ring in this manner: Ringing Rocks Point of Interest, outside Butte, Montana. Although the Bucks County rocks have been featured on The Learning Channel, in various articles and on Web sites, they remain one of the area's most unusual and least-known attractions.

Be sure to wear appropriate clothing and rock-friendly hiking boots to navigate the uneven rocks. Bring along a picnic lunch to enjoy on-site, either on the rocks or at one of the park's picnic tables.

The acoustic properties of the rocks might not last forever, due to vegetation slowly encroaching upon the field, so plan a visit before it's too late.

-Matthew G. Rosenberger

Ringing Rocks Park is located at the intersection of Ringing Rocks Road and Bridgeton Hill Road in Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania. For more information, call the Bucks County Parks and Recreation Department at 215/348-6114.

Why the Rocks Ring
Over the years, a variety of experts have put forth theories as to why the rocks "ring." Most theories have focused on the texture, weathering properties, crystalline structure and tension of the rocks, but they don't explain why a large percentage of rocks within the field exhibit no signs of ringing, even sitting right next to other ringers. So while the rocks themselves are common diabase, the ringing remains a mystery.

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