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ABC Travel Guides for Kids Review: Kenyon Alumni Bulletin

During a family trip to Boston in 2001, Matthew Rosenberger noticed that his two-year-old daughter was just as fascinated by her new surroundings as the adults were. If only, he thought, there were a travel guide to help kids learn about a new city's landmarks.

And so ABC Travel Guides for Kids was born. Full of colorful photos of iconic places arranged by the letter of the alphabet, the books guide kids through Manhattan (from the American Museum of Natural History to the famous Zabar's gourmet shop), Philadelphia (the Art Museum at Avenue of the Arts to the Zooballoon), and, in a brand new addition to the series, Boston (the Aquarium to Zakim Bridge).

Each book includes a map of the city that shows where the landmarks are located, and the Boston book features factoids along with the photos. The featured landmarks are chosen for their child-friendliness (Tadpole Playground and Whale Watch tours in Boston, for example). The sturdy little books make great souvenirs--and, who knows, they may just turn your child into a virtuoso globetrotter, one letter at a time.

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